Category 3 fat trimmings are another type of beef raw material that we process in our operation. This fat is distinctive in its composition, as it is a mixture of subcutaneous fat, fat from around the muscles and fat from inside the body cavity.

Due to its composition, fat trimmings have a number of unique properties that make it attractive for some industrial applications. Its combination of different types of fats from different parts of the body gives this tallow specific characteristics and expands its possible uses.

At Pepito, we specialize in its selection and processing to ensure it meets all quality and safety requirements. All fat trimmings we source must meet the criteria for category 3 animal by-products. This is the standard we apply at all stages of our processing process.

Are you a supplier of fat trimmings? Are you interested in working with us? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks to our expertise and experience in the processing of this particular raw material, we can offer you fair business conditions and stable offtake. We look forward to working with you!

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