Leaf lard – also known as leaf fat or visceral fat – is a specific type of pork fat found in the abdominal cavity near the lumbar spine of the pig, where the kidneys are stored. This is fatty tissue deposited on the inside of the abdominal wall of the pig.

The specific location of leaf lard is the key to its distinctive characteristics. Fat protects some of the pig's internal organs (particularly the kidneys) from physical impact and provides thermal insulation. The rendering of leaf fat yields a large amount of quality pork lard.

Leaf lard forms clumps that are lighter in color and softer than other types of fat. It is known for its high yield and quality. This makes it a valuable raw material for many industrial products.

All leaf lard we source must meet the criteria for category 3 animal by-products. This classification ensures that all products meet the necessary hygiene and safety standards and are suitable for further processing.

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