We turn by-products into valuable raw materials

By using optimized transport means, we ensure the highest quality of the materials

At Pepito, we collect animal fats (animal by-products) from slaughterhouses and meat plants. We transport these materials to our factory safely, efficiently and on time. We offer our own transport service to suppliers in the Czech Republic. We are happy to arrange external transport for the rest of the EU.

 The safety of our products starts at the beginning of the supply chain

Our fine-tuned production processes ensure the best foundation for the production of high-quality and safe organic materials. In order to preserve valuable nutrients and high-quality raw materials while preventing the growth of harmful bacteria, we arrange transport as soon as possible after receiving the transport request.

We primarily purchase beef, pork and poultry by-products

These raw materials provide the basis for our high-quality products, which are used in various industries. It is important to stress that all materials we purchase must meet the criteria of category 3 animal by-products (cat. 3 ABP). This is crucial for maintaining high standards.

Our logistics department plans the collection of materials from different locations

The transport of the raw materials takes place under the supervision of our company with our own fleet. The raw materials are always stored in cold stores and processed as quickly as possible to ensure the highest quality.

Are you a supplier and interested in becoming part of our supply chain?

Are you unsure if working with us is right choice for you? Do you have any questions about our purchasing process? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly explain everything to you. There are never enough raw materials and we welcome new opportunities for collaboration!

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