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You’ve landed on a page where Pepito seeks new suppliers. We’re looking for dependable partners to help us optimize the use of animal products while contributing to sustainability. Our doors are open to anyone who wants to participate in creating value from products that might otherwise be lost. We are interested in partnerships with suppliers from the Czech Republic and the entire European Union.

As a company specializing in animal by-product processing, we are continuously looking for long-term partnerships with various types of suppliers – from slaughterhouses and butchers to meat processing plants and meat traders. We have a solution for everyone!  

We offer fair business conditions and stable offtake. A major strength of Pepito is our own logistics department for the Czech Republic. This allows us to regularly collect materials directly from our partners. Therefore, we can guarantee that your products will be delivered to us in time for proper and efficient processing. We are happy to arrange transport for suppliers outside the Czech Republic.  

Are you interested in a partnership? Do you want to learn more? We will answer all your questions and discuss partnership options. Together we will contribute to the better use of animal products and sustainability. Let nothing go to waste...

Whether you are a small business or a large industrial entity, we are interested in you!

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