Transport companies are an essential link in the food industry. They ensure the smooth and safe transport of various types of raw materials, including meat and animal fats intended for human consumption. Despite careful planning and inspections, complications can arise that undermine the quality of the transported goods. This could be cooling problems, sudden delays or other logistical issues.


In such a situation, goods may lose quality and become unsuitable for human consumption. However, if a veterinarian classifies the goods as category 3 animal by-products, they may still have value! We understand that in such situations swift action and immediate coordination are essential. At Pepito we are prepared precisely for these scenarios.

Pepito can be a helpful partner for you in these unpleasant situations. We transform degraded foodstuffs into sustainable products and help carriers recover at least part of the value of the original goods.

If your transport company finds itself in a situation with category 3 animal by-products for sale, we are happy to step in and assist you. We source raw fat and other materials from our list (see Purchasing) at fair prices.

Come and establish a long-term partnership with us – we will be a dependable partner in a crisis. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and how we can work together for our mutual benefit. We will offer the solution that suits you best.

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