Meat processing is a complex process that involves many stages and is the basis for a number of operations including slaughterhouses, butchers and meat processing plants.

Slaughterhouses, butchers and meat processing plants

Slaughterhouses are establishments where animals are slaughtered and divided into parts for further processing. Slaughterhouses are often the beginning of the entire meat processing chain, because this is where it is decided which parts of the animal will be used as food and which will be further processed for other uses.

As meat processing experts, butchers cut the meat into smaller pieces, prepare special cuts, and generally ensure that the meat is ready for sale or further processing. Butchers are essential players in the meat supply chain.

Meat processing plants prepare finished meat products such as smoked meats, sausages, pâtés and others. In these plants, they process the meat, add spices and other ingredients, then package the meat and prepare it for distribution.

One of the main materials often available in these plants is raw fat. It is a meat-processing by-product that can have significant value – that is, if used properly.

At Pepito we are looking for slaughterhouses, butchers and meat processing plants that are interested in selling this raw fat. We offer fair prices and arrange regular collection by transport by our own fleet. Thanks to our own fat processing equipment, we can guarantee that fat is properly and efficiently processed and converted into sustainable products.

Are you interested in the possibility of such a partnership? Contact us – we will discuss your needs and offer the solution that is best for you.

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